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We have tried to make the site quite user-friendly to allow you to quickly find the content you need.  Here are a few answered Frequently Asked Questions for you!

How long after I order will the shipment go out?
We endeavour to send our your shipment of DVD's within 3 business days.  As soon as we ship, we will notify you with the tracking information.

How often do you update the site with new content?
We have a regular process of updating the site at the start of each month with new additional content. We average about 20 new titles each month added to the collection.  

I ordered a DVD, but it does not seem to play on my system.  Can I get it replaced?
Please contact our help desk at 1-866-999-5292 x 5681 and we will gladly replace any defective DVD's.  Alternatively you can send an email to [email protected] and we will work through it with you as well.