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Teens 101 - Episode 1 - Addictions - Will's Episode

Teens 101 - Episode 1 - Addictions - Will's Episode

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  • Country of Production:Canada
  • Length:22 minutes
  • Year of Production:2016

You can become addicted to just about anything. It becomes a serious problem when it takes you away from the things you normally do. Some people have a predisposition to addiction and Will story shows that anyone can fall dangerously into addiction. It started with video games addiction which was the beginning of the slippery slope that almost cost him his life. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional baseball play. He could never imagine that at the age of 17 he would be living on the streets addicted to Crack Cocaine and near death. His remarkable story now brings so much hope to those that struggle with addiction and he now dedicates his life to helping youth. 

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