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Teens 101 - Episode 8 - First Nations Issues (Lindsay’s Story)

Teens 101 - Episode 8 - First Nations Issues (Lindsay’s Story)

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  • Length:22 minutes
Lindsay (Eekwol) grew up in the First Nations community. She experienced an unforgiving world of drugs, alcohol and violence, within her family. As a child, she lived in fear while her parents and their friends had endless parties that often broke out in fights. As she grew up in this environment, she soon developed into an abuser of drugs and alcohol herself. Falling victim to blackouts and on one occasion she almost died one night lying unconscious on the highway. This seminal moment caused her devoted sister to give up on her - unless she changed her ways. For the first time in her life, she listened, and the path of being clean and sober led to becoming a successful solo female aboriginal hip hop artist

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